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Hana is a dwarf with short natural red hair and an undercut. He has noticeably small eyebrows, tons of freckles, and sharp jagged teeth. He wears multiple ear piercings, a nose piercing in the right nostril, and a bridge piercing.


Hana is a mystery to himself and those around him. He somehow came to live alone in the mountain he still calls home when he was very young and somehow survived until now. He has a vast knowledge of the old technology found under the mountain, more than anyone in the rest of the world during this time.

The first time the people who came to live on his mountain saw him, he was unkempt, spoke only an old language used exclusively for magic purposes in this time, and had terrifying teeth and bright red hair. They named him a demon and he’s never been able to overcome that initial impression. He desperately strives to fit in, but for all his effort, nothing has ever come of it. Some of the children of the village think fondly of him but don’t dare to cross their parents and try to befriend him. He, with his limitless patience and understanding, accepts this and doesn’t blame the children, or their adults. He tells himself that it is his responsibility to make up for his first impression.


He is always willing to do someone a favor, or to listen. He frequently talks to himself, or appears to when he’s talking to baby. He can have trouble processing information, and often has to take extra time to understand new concepts. To counteract this, he often takes notes to study or refer to later. He enjoys space and electronics.


  • Hana's God Tier[1] is Rouge of Light[2]
  • Hana's dream is going back in time and living with the people who lived in the city he grew up in and being able to be accepted and celebrated in that world.
  • Hana is a skilled metalworker and is a good craftsman all around. He learned that when he was older, when the people came to live on his mountain, because he wanted to be useful to them.
  • His high school stereotype is The New Girl / Boy.
  • The one of the seven deadly sins that fits Hana best is envy. He wants what other people have, whether that be looks, personality, confidence, social skills, social life, community, etc. He doesn't see it as a flaw at this point because he sees it as ‘i just want to be better! i want to be a person people like!’. He doesn't realize that it's not ‘i want to be a better version of myself’ but a ‘i want to be someone else’
  • People arranging a series of books on a bookshelf out of order irritates Hana.