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Kiigari is an elf with long, black hair that she normally wears in a ponytail and split pointed ears. She has red markings on her face, two dots next to each other on each cheek and a petal shape in between her eyes. She has noticeable body hair, sharp, jagged teeth, and slanted eyes.


Kiigari, after the age of 6 or so, grew up in an orphanage, very close to few other children there. She’s always been closed off, and after leaving the orphanage prematurely and on bad terms, she only became more so. She blames others for her closed off state and refuses to become close to anyone. She was sought out by Maighstir Cu some time after she had left, as she had been making a living doing other people’s dirty work.


She is emotionally unattached to her jobs and will complete any task the Maighstir sends her on. She is unfriendly on purpose and blunt by nature. She is distrustful of magic users, as she feels she is put at a disadvantage. Not that she’d ever say that.

She works extremely hard with various weaponry to make sure she always has the advantage, but she favors her bow. She said once it was a gift, but never who it was from.  


  • Kiigari's God Tier is Heir of Blood
  • Kii's dream is living back in the wilderness, with just her and the animals and the wild, just living and surviving.
  • She is a skilled fletcher and a great archer.
  • Kiigari does not tend to see the good in people.
  • Her high school stereotype is The Rebel.
  • Kiigari gets annoyed when someone doesn’t blow their nose so they’re just sniffing.
  • She is very detail oriented. Kiigari doesn’t care about big pictures, she wants to have a job and do that job and move on to the next job.