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Kuvias had a knack for getting trouble in her hometown. Her hometown, Iorma, is located in Northern Cadia, which, being freezing and treacherous as the North is, there's a higher amount of in tact old tech scattered around. Kuvais's knack for trouble manifested in her frequenting old tech sites and fooling around with it. She finally got caught when she was a young teen and was brought to the capital for juvenile detention and a reformation program.

Part of her reformation program was volunteering inside Abigh, where she delivered diary products throughout the city to various homes and restaurants. On of those places was the restaurant owned by Basim's parents, which is how they got to know each other. They always had a little drink and a snack ready for her when she came by with a delivery, and she was always late to her next delivery.

After going through that, she found different ways to get into trouble by joining up with the small resistance in Abigh. It is infrequent that any old tech makes it into Abigh, but when it happens to get into the hands of the resistance, Kuvias is the one they call to investigate it.


Kuvias is generally pretty blunt and flippant. She has trouble remembering to remember to think about how people will react to things she says. She's close with Ryieti because they tend to not be put off by her bluntness, and will be straightforward with her as well.